Keara Davon

"Purpose in your Pulse"



Keara Davon, When the name “Keara” comes to mind, many tend to see it as just as a “name”, yet if you listen closely, it will resound “perseverance, determination, Purpose and Passion” all together.  Whether high or low, the powers of her words simply serve as a foundation to set the atmosphere around her. She has taken part in many community projects and she doesn’t stop there. As a Certified Life Coach and founder of We’re on the M.O.V.E 2.0, LLC  (Motivation.Opportunity.Victory. Empowerment)  Keara shares her heart, time and life experience to help our youth, teen parents, single parents and beyond to find their purpose and live on purpose.  

Through various workshops, seminars, one on one and group settings Keara's main goal is to pay it forward, help others discover their purpose, passion and dreams.  There are “no holds barred, no stone uncovered” when she communicates to her audience she is adamant in pushing them to be their best, and teaching them how to effectively exhibit their best to their families and the world around them.  We're on  the M.O.V. E 2.0 is her purpose, since she knows “first hand” how it once felt to feel the fear and rejection as a teen parent and single mother, yet through time and patience she has turned the table on fate to reveal strength, maturity, healing, and a new found sense of purpose! 

Keara continues to show others that God gives us our dreams back, even the ones we seem to forget. She continues to engage her skills for speaking to youth, teen/single parents and beyond via churches, schools, various organizations and whenever anyone needs a listening ear and heart.  With her values, she continues to give her audiences a well -rounded view of who she is as an individual. Keara prides herself on ethics, so what is shown before a camera or on stage is not too far from her real life in some form.

All in all, Keara is determined to fill her purpose of giving back, while also making her dream of acting a reality all in one. In, for, and to everything, Keara Davon will certainly say wholeheartedly that, “my faith exceeds my expectations” and with that statement she knows without a doubt that there is NO dream that CANNOT be attained.

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