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    Our goal is to transform and empower the lives of our youth, teen parents and single parents into purpose filled individuals. We promote positive self esteem, independence, educational/career goals, self awareness and self sufficiency. We will accomplish our goal through various tailored workshops, classes and seminars. Our ultimate goal is to pay it forward and teach others to do the same.

    Meet Keara Davon, Certified Life Coach and Founder, We're On The M.O.V.E 2.0, LLC

    Author, Notes to Self

    Motivation, Opportunity, Victory, Empowerment (M.O.V.E.)

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    Unique Life coaching and Empowerment Services That Meet The Needs Of Today's Youth, Teen Parents, Single Mothers and beyond


    One on one Life Coaching

    Group Life Coaching

    Ask about tailored services to meet the needs of the individual or group



    What is your purpose?

    What is your Passion?

    Do you know?


    Workshops & Classes:

    Life Skills


    Self Awareness Classes

    Parenting/Co parenting classes

    Self Discipline

    Life Choices

    Interview Ready

    Acting Classes (relieving the stress of real life)

    And more...


  • Notes To Self Book

    A true labor of love for youth, teen parents, single moms and everyone in between. Sharing my notes with you

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